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Short stories from courageous kids

SHORT STORIES FROM COURAGEOUS KIDS Work done in collaboration with The Branching. This is a very special project, four kids tell us about their experiences with their families marked by the abuse of alcohol, drugs and other substances and how they have managed it in their day to day life. Our work consisted of animations… Read More
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Willie Nelson feat. Diana Krall /// I Won’t Dance (official video)

WILLIE NELSON FEAT. DIANA KRALL /// I WON'T DANCE (OFFICIAL VIDEO) In February 2026 Willie Nelson released the album "That's Life". The entire record consisted of Frank Sinatra covers. To support the release of the album the company wanted to create an animated video for the song "I Won't Dance", which is a duet with… Read More
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Get Down, The Influence of James Brown

GET DOWN: THE INFLUENCE OF JAMES BROWN Get Down, The Influence Of James Brown is a three-part documentary miniseries made for @drmbear with Urban Legends, a division of UMe, Universal Music Group’s global catalog company  to spotlight one of the greatest artists of all-time, “The Godfather of Soul” James Brown. AWARDED AT THE WEBBY AWARDS 2022 The Episode 2,… Read More

Stan Getz feat. Astrud Gilberto /// The Girl From Ipanema (official video)

STAN GETZ feat. ASTRUD GILBERTO /// THE GIRL FROM IPANEMA (OFFICIAL VIDEOCLIP) During the summer of 2020 Verve Records launched the Summer Samba event! to promote their catalog of Latin jazz. In collaboration with Dreambear we made the video clip of the mythical "The Girl from Ipanema" by Stan Getz and Astrud Gilberto. It is… Read More
Soulless Girl's Fantastic Odyssey trailer book cover

Soulless Girl’s Fantastic Odyssey

SOULLESS GIRL's FANTASTIC ODYSSEY Book-trailer of the illustrated poem "Soulless Girl's Fantastic Odyssey", by EvaLí. "Después de tantos eones anhela unas vacaciones de muerte sin sentimientos. (Quiere alegrías, tormentos, decepciones e ilusiones)." Original idea and text: EvaLí Voice: Jose Antonio Meca Music: Alejandro Gutierrez DESIGN AND FINAL FRAMES After so many years… Read More
Eirene García psychology and coaching

Eirene García /// Psychology and Coaching

EIRENE GARCÍA PSYCHOLOGY AND COACHING Eirene García is a great ACT psychologist based in Spain. She needed to expand and establish her brand image to support her social media activity. We decided to create two promotional videos and also develop a lot of stuff to use in posts, blog headers, illustrations for books and e-learning… Read More
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The QuEst /// Animated Series

THE QuEST: ANIMATED SERIES "The QuEST" is a four episodes cartoon miniseries series that explains in a fun and entertaining way some of the phenomena that take place on the Sun, such as spots, spicules or solar flares. They are short-lived episodes, which have as protagonists the astronomers who throughout the centuries discovered these aspects… Read More
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Cybersmart Chatterbox for Parents

CYBERSMART CHATTERBOX FOR PARENTS Cybersmart Chatterbox for Parents is a conversational how-to-guide exploring the digital lives our kids lead – when to worry and when to celebrate the benefits the online world brings. Each conversation addresses the specific issues, behaviours and safety essentials to help you make sense of what’s happening behind the screens. We… Read More
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JC Alarcón /// Telecom Consultant

JC ALARCÓN TELECOM CONSULTANT Work done for Juan Carlos Alarcón, a telecom consultant based in Malaga (Spain). With more than 14 years of experience in the business telephony sector, our goal is to offer a quality after-sales service. For this reason, we not only advise professionals to hire the best option in phone contracts, mobile… Read More
Westworld music video


WESTWORLD The desert, infinite trains, a land where turning your back means death. The man with no name returns to settle accounts, he has two weapons, with one he solves problems and with the other he creates them. In space no one can hear your screams, dark and claustrophobic corridors, terror lurks around every corner.… Read More