The desert, infinite trains, a land where turning your back means death. The man with no name returns to settle accounts, he has two weapons, with one he solves problems and with the other he creates them.

In space no one can hear your screams, dark and claustrophobic corridors, terror lurks around every corner. An old space explorer who goes out for tobacco and may not return.

Eternal winter, forests tall as the sky, an ancient evil that has awakened. An impulsive samurai-punk wants to create his legend by destroying another. Will he be prepared?

Westworld is all this, a tribute to adventure, action and revenge movies and cartoons and also an exorcism to let out these childhood obsessions with humor and a lot of love. It is also the story of a project destined to end in a drawer, a video assembled for a song that could not see the light. Until we talked to Raphael della Ghetto and Vinnie Lenoir from Mama Leone and saw we had a chance. From a video assembled and finished and inspired by the original soundtrack of Future World (1976) by Fred Karlin, the sequel to the Westworld film, they have been able to compose a song that fits like a glove with the animation, it is Impossible to describe how exciting it was to see an old job come to life and totally improved.


The basis of this work was the characters, therefore, during the character design process we created logos for each of them that were representative and defined the colors of both the character and their environment.


A quick look at the music video through some of the styleframes we made for the project.


We spent a lot of time developing the backgrounds: a train that runs through the desert, a castle hidden in a winter forest, and a planet-spaceship.


The editing work is another main character in this project, especially in the end, everything becomes frantic and it was important to maintain the sense of the narrative in addition to making it seem that our protagonists «collaborated» to solve their particular problem.